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LHK Fiber mill (wood flour mill)

The Fiber mill (wood flour mill) is the best equipment solution for tough fibers and wood chips. It adopts shearing and extrusion crushing principles, with high processing fineness, large crushing output, low energy consumption and low wear. It has the same performance advantages as the updated product of impact fiber crusher.








The raw materials are fed into the mill through the feeder, which is crushed by the strong shearing force and squeezing force generated by the rolling roller and the grinding ring. The top of the mill is equipped with a classification device to achieve the fineness of the product collection and collection system. 


1. LHK wood powder mill is a new type of crushing equipment independently developed for ultra-fine crushing of wood chips and fiber materials.
2. Innovative crushing structure, 30% ~ 40% energy saving compared with other mills.
3. Equipped with high-precision grading device, the finest crushed wood chips can reach 600 mesh; the product fineness can be adjusted randomly according to the requirements.
4. The wear parts of the crushed parts are made of new composite wear-resistant materials and have a long service life.
5. Equipped with water cooling system, the crushing temperature is low, especially suitable for the processing of heat-sensitive materials.
6. Quick-open design, easy to clean and maintain the equipment.
7. Negative pressure production, no dust flying, excellent working environment.


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It is mainly used in the ultra-fine grinding of wood chips and fiber materials, and is also widely used in the powder processing of non-metallic mineral materials with a Mohs hardness of less than 6, feed, agricultural products, chemical industry and other industries.


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