A Iron ans Steel Group in Shandong province

Water slag is used for producing cement and concrete as building material.The added value is very low.The client visited and did industry trial with LHM classifying ball mill,to produce D97=10um,the product quality and added value has been improved.

Lithium Ferrous Phosphate(LFP) enterprise in Anhui province

An enterprise in Anhui is a well-known domestic manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate, owing to increase production capacity of market needs,The clients to choose our air jet mill after investigation and comparisons

Ultrafine wollastonite powder enterprise in Jiangxi province

It is the largest producer of ultrafine wollastonite micropowder in China. With the continuous expansion of wollastonite application fields, the market has increasingly demanded indicators such as the aspect ratio

Battery anode material in Fujian ,province

An enterprise in Fujian to produce battery anode material,due to the new technology,the material has high hardness,big wear,and unqualified product with the original crushing mill.

Wood powder factory in domestic

It’s one of the largest wood powder manufacturer in China.At the beginning they used the simple wood powder machine,which has the disadvantages of particle size instability,high consumption,heavy dust, high maintenance etc.

Silica powder plant in India

It is mainly produce high-purity silicon fine powder which requires fine particle size,high whiteness,purity and high capacity.

Kaolin powder plant in Shanxi

It is the largest local kaolin producer, and its products are mainly used in the paper and paint industries.

Bauxite powder plant in Shanxi province

It is mainly produces bauxite powder used for the oil fracturing proppant industry.

Kaolin powder plants in Inner Mongolia

It is a well-known domestic kaolin manufacturer, and its products are mainly used in papermaking, paint, and coating industries. With the escalation of market demand, the original breaking machine can no longer meet the requirements of industry standards.

Calcium carbonate powder plants in Uzbekistan

Owing to the equipment technology used by the local manufacturers was backward and could not meet customer requirements,they want to update the grinding mills.

Magnesium hydroxide plant in Liaoning province

It is a manufacturer to produce magnesium hydroxide,used for flame retardants industry.After investigation,they found market demand of the modification magnesium hydroxide is increased and the product margins are also high.

Silicon carbide micron powder in Shandong province

The main products are various sizes as like F230-F800,the factory selected our LHP multi-grade classifiers instead of the original classification which has low classification accuracy,small capacity and high energy consumption.

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