Lithium Ferrous Phosphate(LFP) enterprise in Anhui province

An enterprise in Anhui is a well-known domestic manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate, owing to increase production capacity of market needs,The clients to choose our air jet mill after investigation and comparisons

Battery anode material in Fujian ,province

An enterprise in Fujian to produce battery anode material,due to the new technology,the material has high hardness,big wear,and unqualified product with the original crushing mill.

A well-known company in the domestic anode material industry

The customer has developed a new product according to the market needs, however ,new requirement has been put forward for the asphalt data.

Iron phosphate project in Hubei province

It is mainly produces battery material precursors,the iron phosphate project started after market research.?The technical parameter required is 3um,5t/h.

A battery ternary materials enterprise in Hunan

It is a major domestic supplier of battery ternary materials, and customer has used multiple Zhengyuan crushers for polycrystalline ternary materials.

This company is leading of lithium

It is a domestic lithium carbonate industry leader in China.With the growing market of new energy batteries,the demand for lithium carbonate rises rapidly as the raw material of battery cathode.

Battery cathode plants in Shandong

The company plan to invest the battery cathode industry,and this project start from a high base,large investment,required high performance for the grinding mills strictly.

Domestic battery anode plants in Shanghai

It is a s a well-known enterprise in the domestic battery anode material industry.

Battery anode material in Inner Mongolia

It is a a leading company in battery anode materials in Shanghai, China.It has decided to build a battery anode material project with an annual output of 100,0000 tons in Inner Mongolia ,to meet the expansion of market demand.

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