Silicon carbide micron powder in Shandong province

The main products are various sizes as like F230-F800,the factory selected our LHP multi-grade classifiers instead of the original classification which has low classification accuracy,small capacity and high energy consumption.

Silicon carbide micron powder In Gansu Province

Particle sizes of silicon carbide powder are JIS600-2500,owing to the strictly standard,the project is slow because the clients has not found the best solutions.

Boron Carbide Powder Production Line in Heilongjiang Province

Boron carbide has the features of high hardness,difficult to grind,easy to wear the milling machine and etc...One of boron carbide powder producer in Heilongjiang ,province are looking for a best solution to produce fine powder.They learned Zhengyuan ‘s Cyclonic Jet mill is the advanced technology from the colleagues in the industrial.

Silicon carbide micron powder In Henan Province

Silicon carbide micron powder are mainly used in industrial such as cutting, polishing, and fine grinding tools.The original classifier can not meet the strictly requirement for silicon carbide size range, it has to improve.

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