Boron carbide has the features of high hardness,difficult to grind,easy to wear the milling machine and etc...One of boron carbide powder producer in Heilongjiang ,province are looking for a best solution to produce fine powder.They learned Zhengyuan ‘s Cyclonic Jet mill is the advanced technology from the colleagues in the industrial. After doing the 1:1 industry trial,the performances of cyclonic jet mill is prominent to compared with traditional jet mill.with the features of high capacity,low consumption and wear,fineness and etc.It is the best solution to produce boron carbide powder with cyclonic jet mill.After that,two sets of cyclonic jet mill were purchased ,the product quality is stable and the consumption reduced ,which solves the problems of customers and industries.


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A Iron ans Steel Group in Shandong province

Water slag is used for producing cement and concrete as building material.The added value is very low.The client visited and did industry trial with LHM classifying ball mill,to produce D97=10um,the product quality and added value has been improved.

Lithium Ferrous Phosphate(LFP) enterprise in Anhui province

An enterprise in Anhui is a well-known domestic manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate, owing to increase production capacity of market needs,The clients to choose our air jet mill after investigation and comparisons

Ultrafine wollastonite powder enterprise in Jiangxi province

It is the largest producer of ultrafine wollastonite micropowder in China. With the continuous expansion of wollastonite application fields, the market has increasingly demanded indicators such as the aspect ratio

Battery anode material in Fujian ,province

An enterprise in Fujian to produce battery anode material,due to the new technology,the material has high hardness,big wear,and unqualified product with the original crushing mill.


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