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LHG Roller Mill

The principle of roller mill grinding is to squeeze and crush the material multiple times, which has obvious advantages such as low energy consumption and concentrated product particle size distribution. It has been widely used in powder processing in minerals, chemicals, carbon, building materials and other industries, and has become a plastics industry. The preferred equipment solution for processing non-metallic mineral ultrafine powder with low oil absorption value.


Impact mill






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Calcite, marble, dolomite, limestone, kaolin, barite, talc, sericite, bauxite, attapulgite, brucite, bentonite, magnesite, andalusite, pyrophyllite, rectorite, diatomaceous earth , Gypsum, perlite, graphite, coal powder, etc.
Flame retardant, aluminum hydroxide, guar gum, Yuanming powder, magnesium oxide, polyacrylamine, iron oxide red, etc.
Bone meal, shells, hard fruit shells, wood powder, cassava powder, food calcium, etc.



The material is fed into the crushing chamber through the frequency conversion feeder, and is crushed, sheared and ground by the grinding roller to achieve ultra-fine crushing of the material. The crushed materials are transported to the classification area by the rising air flow. Under the action of the centrifugal force of the classification wheel and the suction of the fan, the coarse and fine powders are separated. The products with fineness are collected by the collector. The purified air is discharged by the induced draft fan.

LHG roller mill is a new generation of powder processing equipment independently developed by our company, and its technical performance is qualitatively improved compared with multi-roll mill.
1. Low energy consumption: using innovative crushing mechanism, compared with multi-roll mill, the output is increased by more than 30% under the same energy consumption.
2. High fineness: Equipped with high-precision self-shunting classification system, high fineness of finished products, adjustable particle size distribution of products, and strict control of large particles.
3. It has a wide range of applications and can produce various fineness products from 325 mesh to 2500 mesh.
4. Low abrasion: The crushed parts of wearable parts are made of new composite wear-resistant materials with long service life.
5. System control: intelligent control, easy operation and stable operation.
6. Environmental protection: the vibration reduction and noise reduction design effectively reduces the vibration and noise of the equipment; the system uses negative pressure production, and there is no dust pollution on the production site.



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