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LHW Rotor mill

Rotor mill is a high-speed rotation of the crushing rotor to carry out strong shear impact on the material to achieve crushing. It is the best solution for toughness, plant fiber, and heat-sensitive materials. It is widely used in powder processing in chemical, food, feed, dye and other fields. It can pass hot air to dry and crush the material with high water content.


Impact mill






The crushing rotor is composed of multiple grinding discs and several crushing blades. The crushing rotor rotates at high speed to carry out violent impact, shearing and rapid grinding to achieve crushing. At the same time, the rotor rotates at high speed to generate a strong airflow, which causes the materials to collide and crush each other.


1. The blades and equipment lining of the crushing rotor are made of high wear-resistant materials, with minimal wear, no pollution to the materials, and can crush various materials with medium hardness.
2. The rotor components in the crushing chamber are balanced and run smoothly. At the same time, the machine base is supported by anti-vibration pads, and the equipment operates with little vibration and low noise.
3. Full function and strong adaptability:
       It can pass hot air to crush and dry high-humidity materials;
       Inert gas can be input to crush flammable and explosive materials;
       Crushable materials with strong toughness and plant fibers;
       It can crush heat-sensitive materials, and can add cooling technology system to materials with extremely low melting point;
       It can disperse the sintered agglomerated materials, and the particle size recovery rate reaches 100%.
4. It can be equipped with air flow classification device to produce products with different fineness.
5. Low energy consumption and large output, especially suitable for processing low value-added products.
6. The host can match different power motors according to different performance requirements.
7. Automatic feedback control, simple operation, convenient maintenance and quick cleaning.



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It is suitable for crushing heat-sensitive materials with strong toughness, plant fibers, high water content, and heat-sensitive materials such as polyvinyl alcohol, PVC, PE, silica gel, and magnesium metal at room temperature. It has an excellent effect and can be widely used in chemicals, dyes, and coatings. , Pesticides, feed, plant fibers, plastics, recycled rubber, non-metallic minerals, non-ferrous metals (magnesium, zinc) and other industries, ultra-fine crushing of materials within medium hardness in different fields.


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