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LHQ Classifying Micronizer

The classifying ultrafine grinding mill adopts an innovative crushing and classification integrated structure, which has few moving parts, low energy consumption and high classification accuracy, and is suitable for ultrafine crushing of powder materials with light specific gravity. The fineness of the product can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the mill. It is suitable for ultrafine crushing of chemical, mineral, pharmaceutical, food, feed and other materials.


Impact mill






The material enters the crushing chamber from the feeding device, and is crushed by friction, shearing and extrusion under the strong impact of a high-speed rotor. The crushed material is divided into fine powder and coarse material by synchronous classifier. Fine powder directly enters the back-end collection system as a finished product. Coarse powder is recovered by self-diversion recycling device and then crushed again.


1.Innovative integrated design of crushing and grading: fewer moving parts, low maintenance; low energy consumption and high efficiency of crushing and grading.
2. The crushed parts are made of new composite wear-resistant materials, with long service life and no pollution when processing materials with Mohs hardness ≤5.
3. The innovative self-splitting circulation device is more suitable for the ultra-fine crushing of light specific gravity and powdery materials.
4. Quick opening structure, easy to disassemble and clean.
5. Diversified crushing structure is also the best solution for particle shaping.
6. Product fineness is achieved by adjusting the speed of the mill and the air volume of the system.


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Chemicals, minerals, medicine, food, cosmetics, electronic materials, feed, fertilizers and other materials.


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