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LHD Plastic pulverizer

The Plastic pulverizer uses the shear force generated by the high-speed rotor blade and stator blade to crush the material. It is the best equipment solution for highly elastic and heat-sensitive materials (such as PVA, PVC, PE, PET, PC, etc.) According to the characteristics of the materials, different crushing processes such as normal temperature, low temperature and cryogenic crushing can be selected.


Impact mill






The raw materials are fed into the mill through the feeder, and crushed by the rotor disk and stator disk that run at high speed generate a strong shear force. The pulverized fine powder is sent to the collection system by the airflow for collection.


1.The material enters the collection system after instantaneous crushing in the crushing area. The crushing energy consumption is low, there is no over-crushing, and the crushing temperature will not be increased.
2.By adjusting the gap between the rotor disk and the stator disk, products of different fineness are produced.
3.According to the requirements of product fineness, a vibrating screen or air classifier can be added to produce high-fineness products, and the coarse particles enter the mill for circulating crushing again.
4. According to the characteristics of the material, negative pressure or positive pressure production process can be selected, and two types of normal temperature crushing and cryogenic crushing can be selected.
5. Strong mechanical stability, simple operation and convenient maintenance.


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This machine is mainly used to process high-elasticity, impact-resistant heat-sensitive materials with a Mohs hardness of about 3 grades. It can be used to crush tough materials such as plastics, rubber, pulp, fur and other materials. (PVC), PVC additives, polyethylene (PE), polyester plastic (PET), polycarbonate (PC), low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE), modified polyethylene (EVA ) And other materials, widely used in powder spraying, hot melt rubber lining, plastic spinning, rolling molding and other industries in plastic crushing.


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