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LHF coating machine

The raw material powder is coated with the agent through the heat produced by high speed moving of the rotors and material. LHF coating machine has the main features of negative pressure continuously producing, large capacity, lower energy consumption, lower agent consumption and high activation index. It is the best machine to replace high speed mixing coating machine and the best solution for coating 325mesh to nano grade powders.


Powder Surface Modification


LHF coating machine





Feed the material into the powder coating machine → drop the modification agent by pump → the material and the agent will be fully mixed together when the machine is operating at high speed; and the heat, which is generated by the high speed movement of the rotors and material, will help the agent coated on the material powder surface at the same time → finally, the finished products will be collected by the negative pressure collection system. 


1. Continuous operation , thus guarantee a high production capacity.
2. Working independently or working in a production line (combined with superfine grinding mills, etc.) are both possible. 
3. High coating ratio; high activation index; low consumption of coating agent. 
4. No material aggregation: as a result, finished products can be packaged directly. 
5. Low power consumption: 
    –lowest power consumption could be 30 kwh/t; 
    –self-generated heat of the machine can be directly used for material’s surface engineering; as a result, there is no need of any other additional heating system. 
6. Modification temperature can be adjusted to meet different requirements. 
7. Eco-friendly: negative pressure production help to offer a dust-free production environment. 



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Light calcium carbonate, ground calcium carbonate, kaolin, barite, attapulgite, talc, bentonite, mica, pyrophyllite, wollastonite, brucite, etc.
Aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, various flame retardants, precipitated barium sulfate, lithopone powder, epoxy powder, silica gel, white carbon black, carbon black, coal powder, titanium dioxide, fly ash, sericite, zinc oxide , Nanomaterials, etc.



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