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LHO Hammer Mill

Hammer crusher is a high-efficiency crushing equipment for producing 0.5 ~ 5mm granular materials. It is the preferred crushing equipment in the fields of fermented feed such as dried potatoes, corn, sorghum, plant roots and leaves, peel, grain starch, chemical raw materials, etc. It can be the coarse crushing equipment before the mill.


Impact mill






The material enters the crushing chamber from the upper feed inlet. The crushing chamber is equipped with a speed-adjustable forward and reverse rotor. The rotor is equipped with a detachable and replaceable hard hammer piece. Through the impact force and shear between the hammer pieces and the material The effects of shearing force, frictional force, etc. enable the material to be crushed and processed. The lower part of the crushing chamber is equipped with a sieve plate, which is supported by a spring tensioning bracket, and can be adapted to sieve plates with different mesh holes. The materials are collected by the collection system after crushing and screening.


1. Drop-shaped crushing chamber, built-in rotor, secondary impact crushing design, greatly improve the crushing capacity, and the crushing particle size is more uniform.
2. Optimize the arrangement of hammers, the gap between hammers and sieve can be adjusted, the adjustment range is 8 ~ -8mm, the single machine can meet the needs of coarse and fine crushing. In the production of conventional livestock and poultry feed (with a screen of 2.0 to 4.0 mm), you can choose to run under the hammer screen gap of 4.0 to 6.0 mm; when producing suckling pig feed or fish feed (with a screen of 0.8 to 1.2 mm), you can It runs under the gap of 1.0-3.0 mm hammer and sieve, which can obtain higher output and suitable crushing fineness.


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It is an ideal crushing equipment in the fields of fermented feed such as dried potatoes, corn, sorghum, plant roots, leaves, peels, grain starch, chemical raw materials, etc. It is especially suitable for large, medium and small feed plants to produce high-grade livestock and poultry feed and aquatic feed.


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3. Adopt spring tension type linkage sieve pressing mechanism, change the two-step or multi-step sieve pressing into one-step sieve pressing, the sieve pressing action is in one step, to avoid the unevenness of sieve pressing on both sides, thus ensuring that the crushing chamber is fully sealed Work.
4. The hammer screen adjustment device is placed outside the machine body, which can complete the adjustment work without stopping the machine, and has extremely high safety.
5. The spring tension type screen plate bracket makes the screen plate replacement faster and more reliable, and adapts to the screen plates of different thickness at the same time.
6. The rotor undergoes strict dynamic balance tests and inspections to ensure that the equipment runs smoothly, reduce wear on components such as bearings and hammer bracket plates, reduce equipment maintenance, and increase productivity and equipment life.
7. Fully-open quick-opening maintenance door makes operation and maintenance easier and lower maintenance cost.
8. High working performance, wide application range and stable operation.


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