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LHN Pin Mill

Rotary plates mounted with evenly distributed pin bar in the crushing chamber. the rotary plates run at high speed in opposite direction and the highest relative velocity is 250m/s. the materials impact the pin bar at extremely high speed and high-velocity impact among particles. Fineness requirement of finished products by adjusting the rotational speed of clutch plate. It is the best solution of oiliness, stickiness, thermal sensitivity and high water content material etc.








The material enters the crushing chamber of the mill from the feeding device. The crushing chamber is equipped with two moving discs, and the moving discs are equipped with evenly distributed pin bars. The two moving plates run at high speed in opposite directions, and the maximum relative speed can reach 250m / s. The material hits the moving disk pin at a very high speed, and the turbulence of the air will cause the particles to collide at high speed. The fineness of the product is achieved by adjusting the rotating speed of the moving plate.


1. Pins with different structures can be selected according to the material characteristics.
2. Special wear-resistant treatment of the pin, long service life.
3. According to the material processing fineness, you can choose one-way moving plate or two-way moving plate.
4. Adopt double-door quick-open structure, easy to clean.
5. Adopt clutch drive, high energy conversion efficiency; reliable seal design of bearing, long service life.
6. It can process raw materials with Mohs hardness ≤3.5, the processing fineness can be adjusted, and the product particle size can reach below 20um.



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1. It is the best solution for difficult materials such as oiliness, viscosity, heat sensitivity, high moisture content, and agglomeration:
           ①Such as food and medicine processing fields such as fatty spices, crushed cocoa beans, whole-fat soybeans, oil-containing filter cakes, condiments, wheat protein separation, pharmaceutical intermediates, and raw materials for traditional Chinese medicine.
           ②Chemical raw materials with strong viscosity, such as dyes, pigments and stearates.
2. Liquid nitrogen or cold air can be introduced to crush the tough materials, such as nylon, rubber, elastic plastics and other materials.



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