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LHE Nano Mill

Wet ultrafine grinding machine is a large-scale wet grinding equipment developed by our company. The brand-new mill structure, unique component design, simple matching process, the equipment performance is qualitatively improved compared with other vertical wet mills, and has the performance advantages of high grinding efficiency, fine particle size of finished products, and less consumption of grinding media. It is the best equipment solution for -2μm ultrafine powder grinding.


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The LHE laboratory circulating sand mill (nano mill) is the first choice for powder scientific research and new product development test applications. It can be used for small amount of crushing of various materials.


1. The barrel can be rotated to facilitate the loading and discharging of materials.
2. The crushing chamber and the material circulation cylinder are integrated into one, which realizes the self-circulation of the material without the pump, and the material can be recycled and crushed.
3. Tiny grinding balls or grinding beads can be used as grinding media in the grinding chamber.
4. The crushing rotor equipped with frequency converter can realize infinitely variable speed, and can crush materials to nanometer level.
5. The parts of the crushing chamber are made of fine ceramic wear-resistant materials and have a long service life.
6. Retestability of experimental data is good.
7. The whole material is made of stainless steel, which realizes fine processing and smart and delicate equipment; automatic control, simple operation and convenient disassembly and cleaning.



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