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LHB Laboratory Air Classifier

Materials are fed into self-diffluent classification system for first time separating. Thus, majority coarse materials will be separated and the remained coarse materials will be sorted out in second tine classifying. Finally, the lab air classifier will collect the qualified powder materials and remained coarse materials will be discharged from dump valves.


Laboratory Equipment






The material enters the classification zone from the feed system, and the particles are combined by the inertial force generated by the diverter and the centrifugal force generated by the classification wheel to achieve the separation of coarse and fine particles.


LHB laboratory air classifier is a small equipment developed for processing small batch materials and high value materials. 
1. The cutting point is accurate and the product granularity is adjustable. 2. Different structures can be configured according to material requirements to meet individual needs. 
3. Quick-open structure, easy to clean and clean, easy to change varieties. 4. Using PLC automatic control or electromechanical control, with strong stability, reliable operation and easy operation.



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