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LHJ Laboratory lmpact Mill

The ultra-fine impact mill is a highly efficient multi-purpose powder equipment independently developed by our company. It has significant technical performance advantages such as low energy consumption, high fineness, small wear and full functions. It has become the preferred equipment solution for many industries. It is widely used in powder material ultra-fine crushing, breaking up, shaping, crushing and dressing integration, crushing and modification integration and needle fiber material processing.


Laboratory Equipment






The material is transported by the feeding device to the crushing chamber of the host machine, and the material and the high-speed rotating device and the particles impact, collide, rub, shear, squeeze to achieve ultra-fine crushing. The crushed material is transported to the impeller classification area by the rising air flow. Under the effect of the centrifugal force of the classification wheel and the suction of the fan, the coarse and fine powder is separated. The machine returns to the crushing chamber and grinds again, and the purified gas is discharged by the induced draft fan.


 LHJ-10 laboratory ultra-fine impact mill is a micro-pulverization equipment developed by our company, especially suitable for university and enterprise laboratory applications.
1. The integrated design of crushing and grading, the particle size of the crushed product is adjustable from 3 to 100um; at the same time, it has the functions of material depolymerization and disintegration and particle shaping.
2. The crushed parts are made of composite wear-resistant materials and have a long service life.
3. Comply with GMP requirements in the pharmaceutical and food industries.
4. Using PLC automatic control or electromechanical control, reliable operation and easy operation.
5. Negative pressure production, low noise and excellent production environment.



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