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Wet Ultrafine Grinding Mill
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Wet Ultrafine Grinding Mill

The LHE wet ultrafine grinding mill is a large-scale wet grinding equipment developed by our company. The brand-new mill structure, unique component design, simple matching process, the equipment performance is qualitatively improved compared with other vertical wet mills, and has the performance advantages of high grinding efficiency, fine particle size of finished products, and less consumption of grinding media. It is the best equipment solution for -2μm ultrafine powder grinding.

The slurry is fed into the mill by the feed pump. The mill is equipped with a fixed amount of grinding media. The transmission mechanism drives the agitator to rotate at high speed. The slurry is grinded, squeezed, impacted, and sheared by the grinding media. The finished pulp is filtered through the screen and then flows out of the discharge port into the collection system. 


The LHE wet ultrafine grinding mill is a large-scale wet crushing equipment newly developed by our company: new mill structure, optimized mill size, unique component design, simple process, equipment performance is better than other vertical wet mills Qualitative improvement. Main performance advantages:
1. High grinding efficiency: the energy consumption per ton of product is reduced by 30% compared with other wet grinding.
2. The fineness of the finished product is high: feeding 200 mesh ~ 325 mesh, crushing fineness-2μm particle size ≥ 95%.
3. The internal parts of the mill are made of high-hardness wear-resistant materials, and the equipment has a long service life.
4. The starting torque is low, and the impact on the grid electrical appliances is small.
5. The temperature of the finished slurry is low, the viscosity is small, and the fluidity is good.
6. A single unit can work independently and continuously, or multiple units can be used in series.
7. The production line adopts automatic control, convenient operation and stable production.
8. Low abrasive wear and no pollution to the product.



Heavy calcium carbonate, coal kaolin, soft kaolin, barite, bentonite, brucite, tourmaline, mica, rare earth, etc .;
Energy sources:

Coal water slurry, petroleum coke slurry, etc .;

Zirconium silicate, zircon powder, α-alumina, etc .;
Gold category:

Gold and silver ore, molybdenum ore, copper ore, manganese ore, aluminum and zinc ore, ultra-fine beneficiation and regrind;
Chemical industry: aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, manganese dioxide, flame retardant, catalyst, iron oxide red, sulfur, metal oxide, etc.


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