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Air classifier

LHP Multi-grade Classifier

The LHP Multi-grade Classifier is composed by several self-diffluent classifiers, which is mainly used in the production of narrow particle size distribution, such as abrasive, superhard materials, metal powders, non-ferrous metal powders, battery materials, light (reflective) materials, coating materials, insulation materials, carbon powders, silica gel, foaming agent, etc. Unique ladder flow structure design, the performance is unapproachable, the technical level is far ahead in the domestic and international similar products.

LHB High-temperature and High-efficiency Air Classifier

The LHB High-temperature and high-efficiency air classifier is a new air classifier independently developed by our company. It combines the original self-division grading technology and centrifugal grading technology. The grading medium makes full use of the high-temperature airflow in the production line (temperature can reach 100-300 °C). to achieve super-classifying. The main features are: full and reasonable use of high temperature airflow to ensure material dispersion, high classification efficiency, accurate cutting points, strict control of large particles, large processing capacity, low energy consumption and strong stability. It is suitable for on-line grading and impurity removal in various high-temperature production lines. It can also be used for ultrafine powder and nano-powder to remove entrained coarse particles.

LHB Air Classifier

The LHB Air Classifier is a new multi-application classifier by our independent R & D, combined the advantages of inertial classification technology and centrifugal classification technology. Technical performance has a qualitative leap compare with traditional vertical and horizontal turbine classifier. Main features: Wide classifying range, high classifying efficiency, high precision cutting point, large capacity, lower energy consumption, wear-resistance, higher reliability and widely applications. It is applied for all kinds of powder materials classifying and cleaning, also it can be used to remove coarse particles from ultrafine and nano-powder.

LHB-C Coarse powder classifier

LHB-C coarse powder classifier is a ring air classifier. The innovative grading structure is composed of grading assembly, inner and outer cylinders, inner and outer cones, circulating air and fineness adjustment device. The material enters the inside of the classifier through the feed port, and the air flow rises with the fan under the action of the material throwing plate. Under the action of gravity centrifugal force, the coarse powder slides to the inner cone and is discharged from the coarse powder port. The fine powder is discharged through the fine powder port along the inner wall of the outer cylinder under the centrifugal force of the classification impeller and the fan impeller.

LHU Contraflow Classifier

The LHU Contraflow Classifier is the best choice for the classification of the sticky, aggregated, illiquid and low density material, can separate the superfine powders from 2~150μm efficiency, connected with other classifier also is available.
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