Calcite, Dolomite, Kaolin, Barite, Quartz, Talc, Zircon Sand, Wollastonite, Coal Powder, Light Calcium Carbonate, Mica, Bauxite, Attapulgite, Brucite, Bentonite

Battery Material

We can provide the following battery material grinding equipment and systems


Aluminum oxide, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, zinc oxide, precipitated barium sulfate, flame retardant, cellulose, calcium phosphate

Ceramic Building Materials

Superfine cement, water slag, cement additives, fly ash, asphalt mine, gypsum, slag, quicklime, silica fume, glass powder, etc.

Metal Powder

Aluminum powder, copper powder, zinc powder, iron powder, tin powder, cobalt powder, nickel powder, tantalum powder, niobium powder, silver powder, stainless steel powder, copper lead powder

Medicine And Food

Chinese and Western medicine, urotropine, ibuprofen, theophylline, cilostazol, vitamin C, black cohosh, carbamazepine, wine trough, nimodipine

Hard Material

Silicon carbide(black,green), Boron Carbide, Diamond,White Corundum, Ziron sand ,Zirconia, Rare earth polishing materials,Tungsten Carbide

High-tech Materials

Nano titanium oxide, nano ceramic material, nano tourmaline, nano diatomaceous earth, nano calcium carbonate

Industrial Solid Waste

Fly ash, slag, steel slag, tailings, lean ore, red mud, etc.


Fluorescent pigments, iron oxide red (green, yellow, black), chromium oxide red (green, yellow), phthalocyanine, cobalt blue, zinc oxide, zinc barium white

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