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LHK Fiber mill (wood flour mill)

The Fiber mill (wood flour mill) is the best equipment solution for tough fibers and wood chips. It adopts shearing and extrusion crushing principles, with high processing fineness, large crushing output, low energy consumption and low wear. It has the same performance advantages as the updated product of impact fiber crusher.

LHT Rotary Permanent Magnetic Separators

When the material flows through the grid-type permanent magnetic iron separator, the ferromagnetic substance is adsorbed to the permanent magnet bar inside the iron remover to realize the separation of the ferromagnetic substance and the material, and is mainly used for dry iron removal. Suitable for iron removal of powdery and granular materials in new materials, non-metallic ores, chemicals, medicine, food, plastics, ceramics, building materials, coal, refractory materials, etc. Conveyors such as feeders, cutting chutes and even irregular bins are used together.

LHX Cyclone Mill

The material is filled into the crushing chamber equipped with a blade rotor through the top of the spin wind mill of the frequency conversion feeder. The rotating blade rotor generates an ultra-high speed air swirl in the crushing cavity. The material enters the gap between the rotor and the stator under the action of the air swirl The impact, shear and friction between the particles are forced to cause the particles to be cracked and refined under high stress, thereby achieving material crushing. The internal structure of the crushing cavity is scientifically designed, the air swirling motion in the cavity is clearly guided, there is no flow dead angle, and it also ensures that there is no temperature rise during the crushing process. The crushing fineness of materials can be controlled by adjusting the gap between the stator and rotor without disassembling the machine. The crushed materials can be collected by a negative pressure conveying device into the collector, and can also be finely sorted and coarse-grained continuous grinding operations by an external classifier.

LHT Rotary Permanent Magnetic Separator

When the material flows through the rotating permanent magnetic iron remover, the ferromagnetic substance is adsorbed to the permanent magnetic rod inside the iron remover to achieve the separation of the ferromagnetic substance and the material. It is mainly used for dry powder with poor viscosity or fluidity .

Pulse Bag-type Collectors

The material is transported to the crushing cavity of the host by the feeding device, and the material and the high-speed rotating device and particles impact, collide, rub, shear, squeeze and crush each other to achieve crushing. The crushed material is separated into coarse and fine powder through the classification wheel. The coarse powder flows into the crushing chamber and is ground again, and the purified gas is discharged by the induced draft fan.

Rotary Valves

The star-shaped unloader, also known as a rotary feeder and a wind shut-off device, is rotated by a rotor with several blades in a cylindrical casing. The material falling from the upper hopper is filled in the space between the blades and discharged as the blades rotate.

LHN Pin Mill

Rotary plates mounted with evenly distributed pin bar in the crushing chamber. the rotary plates run at high speed in opposite direction and the highest relative velocity is 250m/s. the materials impact the pin bar at extremely high speed and high-velocity impact among particles. Fineness requirement of finished products by adjusting the rotational speed of clutch plate. It is the best solution of oiliness, stickiness, thermal sensitivity and high water content material etc.

SH Shredder

There are a wide variety of recyclable materials, such as various plastic products including blocks, tubes, films, woven bags, etc., as well as various types of electronic cable waste, ICB barrels, waste paper, waste wood and various organic materials.

LHY Twin-Roller Granulator

The counter-roller granulator uses the counter-roller extrusion principle to achieve direct granulation of dry powder, which can effectively increase the product's bulk density. It is widely used in the granulation of non-metallic minerals, metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticide powders, and environmentally friendly recycled dust.
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