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LHM-A Ball Mill

The alloy media ball mill classification production line is a continuous large-scale powder production line composed of energy-saving superfine ball mill and self-splitting classifier. The internal structure of the ball mill provides the most professional configuration according to the characteristics of the materials. The special classifier has large processing capacity, low energy consumption and high classification accuracy; the production line process design provides the best personalized technical solution for the processing requirements. Compared with the traditional ball mill classification production line, it has many performance advantages such as large output, low energy consumption, high classification accuracy, large adjustable range of particle size, strong operation reliability, low maintenance rate, etc. It has been widely used in 200 mesh of non-metallic minerals and metal minerals ~ 5000 mesh powder mass production.

After the material is crushed, it enters the ultra-fine ball mill from the lifter and conveying equipment. The grinding media in the mill uses the energy obtained when the mill rotates to impact crush and grind the material. The fine powder classifier classifies to achieve the separation of coarse and fine powder. Qualified fine powder is collected by the collector. The coarse particles are re-entered into the ball mill from the lower end of the classifier for grinding, and the purified gas is discharged by the induced draft fan.


The ultra-fine ball mill classification production line is a new energy-saving and efficient mill production line that perfectly combines the ultra-fine ball mill technology and the self-split micro-powder classification technology.
1. The outstanding feature of the new generation of ultra-fine ball mill classification production line is that it has made revolutionary progress and breakthroughs in energy-saving technology and classification accuracy compared with other ball mill classification production lines, and it has saved more than 40% energy compared with other ball mill classification production lines and other types of mills.
2. The one-time classification fineness can be adjusted from 300 to 2500 meshes, and a classifier system is added. After the second classification, the fineness can reach d97≤2um (6250 meshes), reaching the highest level of dry classification at home and abroad.
3. The latest self-diverting high-concentration phase classification technology is used in the ultra-fine ball mill classification production line to achieve: high classification accuracy and accurate cutting point; large processing capacity, the maximum single processing capacity of LHB series classifiers can reach 100t / h; energy consumption Low, the same processing capacity, energy consumption is only 40% of other classifiers; classification efficiency is high, the same processing volume, fine powder extraction rate is increased by 50% compared with other classifiers.
4. The ultra-fine ball mill is innovatively designed, the crushing efficiency is greatly improved, and the grinding media ratio is scientific, which can effectively produce a large amount of fine powder.


Soft materials: calcite, marble, limestone, kaolin, gypsum, barite, fly ash, slag, etc. Hard materials: silicon carbide, brown corundum, mullite, ultrafine cement, zircon sand, andalusite, refractories, etc. High-purity materials: quartz, feldspar, α-alumina, glass beads, phosphor, etc. Metal materials: zinc powder, aluminum powder, iron powder, molybdenum powder, etc.


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5. According to different materials, the corresponding lining board and grinding medium can be selected to ensure the purity and whiteness of the product.
6. The system design is more reasonable, and the investment in civil engineering and supporting equipment is 50% lower than other ball mill classification production lines.
7. The equipment has a low failure rate and stable operation; the system adopts intelligent frequency conversion control with high degree of automation; the design of negative pressure flow field and excellent production environment.
8. Large production capacity, can undertake the turnkey project of production line with an annual output of 0.5 to 500,000 tons.


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