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LHV Powder Disaggregate Mill

The LHV Powder Disaggregate Mill is mainly used in restoring higher aggregation, calcining agglomerate material, powder restoration ratio can be 100%. It can inlet hot air to dry-grinding material with high moisture. It is the best solution to the ultrafine calcined kaolin, nano calcium carbonate,dye and fire retardant material etc.


Powder Disggregate Mill





The glomerate or agglomerated material is fed into the dispersing chamber through the screw feeder, and the material is impacted and sheared by the high-speed rotating rotor. The disaggregated materials are transported to the material collection area by the upward airflow, collected by the cyclone collector and pulse dust collector, and the purified air is discharged by the induced draft fan.
1. Adopt innovative breaking structure, compared with traditional machine, the unit energy consumption is reduced by 30%.
2. The broken parts are made of high wear-resistant materials, with little wear and long service life.
3. After the material is depolymerized and broken up, the original particle size can be restored, and the particle size recovery rate can reach 100%.
4. It can be equipped with air flow classification device to classify materials with different fineness in the process of breaking up.
5. High-speed balanced treatment of the rotor, the base adopts anti-shock design, stable operation, and minimal vibration.
6. Wide range of applications: hot air can be used to disperse and dry high-humidity materials; inert gas can be input to disperse flammable and explosive materials; a cooling system can be added to heat-sensitive materials or those with extremely low melting points.

7. The system adopts negative pressure production, and there is no dust pollution on the production site.
8. Intelligent feedback control, simple operation and stable operation.





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The raw material powder is coated with the agent through the heat produced by high speed moving of the rotors and material. LHF coating machine has the main features of negative pressure continuously producing, large capacity, lower energy consumption, lower agent consumption and high activation index. It is the best machine to replace high speed mixing coating machine and the best solution for coating 325mesh to nano grade powders.

LHS Fusion Machine

The material is continuously subjected to squeezing force and shearing force in the cylinder rotating at high speed, and the particle surface reaches a mechanical melting state under the action of friction, thereby coating the nano-scale material on the micro-scale material. It is generally used to spheroidize the particle morphology of negative electrode materials, improve the fluidity and bulk density of the particles, and meet the charging performance of the battery.

LHV Graded depolymerization and dispersing machine

The LHV graded depolymerization and dispersing machine is a new type of depolymerization and dispersing equipment independently developed by our company, that has the advantages of high particle size reduction rate, no damage to the original morphology of the particles, strict control of oversize particles, etc. It has been widely used in the preparation of high-end powders in new materials industry. At the same time, the machine can be used for the surface modification and shaping of materials, improve tap density and change particle morphology.

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