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LHL Fluidized Bed Jet Mill

Fluidized bed jet mill is a new type of jet mill equipment composed of fluidized bed jet mill technology and self-splitting classification technology. Compared with the traditional fluidized bed jet mill, it has significant performance advantages such as low energy consumption, high product fineness, and strong reliability. It is widely used in ultra-fine processing of various powder materials.


Jet Mill


LHL Fluidized Bed Jet Mill




After the compressed air is frozen, filtered and dried, a supersonic airflow is formed through the nozzle and injected into the crushing chamber, so that the material is fluidized. The accelerated material meets at the intersection of the jet airflows of several nozzles, resulting in severe collision, friction, Shear to achieve ultra-fine crushing of particles. The crushed material is transported to the impeller classification area by the rising air flow. Under the action of the centrifugal force of the classification wheel and the fan suction, the coarse and fine powder is separated. The coarse powder returns to the crushing room according to its own gravity to continue crushing. The airflow enters the cyclone collector, the fine dust is collected by the bag filter, and the purified gas is discharged by the induced draft fan.
Based on the design of traditional fluidized bed pulverizer, combined with our company's unique self-splitting and classification technology, its performance is far superior to domestic and foreign fluidized bed jet mills.
1. Low energy consumption, compared with traditional fluidized bed jet mill, it can save 30% energy.
2. Built-in self-splitting micro-powder classifier, the size distribution is concentrated, and there are no oversized particles in the finished product.
3. The equipment has a compact structure and a small footprint.
4. There is no material stored in the crushing box, no dead corners, easy to disassemble and wash, disinfect, convenient to change varieties, in line with GMP requirements.
5. Low temperature medium-free crushing, especially suitable for the crushing of low melting point, heat sensitivity, sugar content and volatile materials.
6. For inflammable and explosive materials, inert gas can be used as a medium to achieve fully enclosed pulverization, and the inert gas can be recycled, with very low loss.
7. The range of crushing particle size is wide, and the particle size of the finished product can be adjusted in the range of 3 ~ 180um; the whole model is available, and the output of 5 ~ 3000kg / h is optional.
8. Negative pressure production, no dust pollution, excellent environment.
9. High degree of automation, strong stability and easy operation.





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